Fine Art Project

Even mermaids in the ocean are not safe from our garbage anymore. Our greed fueled selfish souls have zero regard towards the mother nature we live in or even people around us. Our oceans are filling with human waste on daily basis damaging the ecosystem throughout the world. Apparently an estimated 8 million tonnes of just plastic are dumped in the ocean each year. Scientists predict there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050.
Let that sink in for a moment!!! Save your world! Save the world for future generations! Stop being selfish. Stop fighting over toilet paper! Save your Humanity! Save your Soul!
Stay at home if you have to and let the ecosystem recover from your abuses.

Please enjoy few images we have produced at our second Art Project shoot. We tried to incorporate little bit of awareness message into our shoot. Hope the message will reach the hearts and bring about change.
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